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Treatment Tips

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Our patients seem to love CoolSculpting® treatments because of how simple they are. Nonetheless, if you're considering a CoolSculpting procedure at our Naples-Fort Myers, FL practice, there are some things you can do to help ensure your satisfaction. Kent V. Hasen, M.D., has laid out his best tips here to help you get the most from your treatment.

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With 2 CoolSculpting machines, we can target different areas of your body at the same time. No need for multiple appointments. Ask about our special Transformation Packages to learn how you can lose extra fat and save money.

How to Get the Most From Your Treatment

1. Make sure you are a good candidate.

Ideal candidates are close to their target weights with problem areas that can benefit from CoolSculpting treatments. Previously, only "pinchable" fat could be targeted, but with the addition of the CoolSmooth™ applicator, more areas are able to be treated, including the outer thighs and other non-pinchable areas. Dr. Hasen's physician assistant, Brandie, will perform a thorough evaluation and treatment plan to determine the best way to meet your goals.

2. Keep in mind you may benefit from a second treatment.

Dr. Hasen often recommends his patients "stack" CoolSculpting treatments. He or his CoolSculpting-certified physician assistant have some patients return one week after their first treatment. If at this visit more tissue is able to fit into the applicator, a second CoolSculpting treatment can be performed. This will result in an additional 20 to 25% fat reduction. Most people can benefit from a second treatment and will experience more dramatic results.

3. Find out who will be doing the procedure.

Dr. Hasen's physician assistant, Brandie, performs the procedure at our practice. In addition to being a board-certified PA with extensive experience in cosmetic and medical procedures, Brandie also attended CoolSculpting University. Her background will allow her to determine the best treatment plan to achieve optimal results. It is imperative the proper applicators are used based on your body type and treatment goals.

4. Document your experience.

Your provider should take many before pictures at various angles and also see you for a follow-up visit after 2 to 3 months. As time progresses, we often fail to notice how our body is changing, and having accurate before-and-after pictures allows for the best evaluation of results. Dr. Hasen has a state-of-the-art photo suite for accurate documentation of before-and-after results.

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CoolAdvantage for Faster Treatments

We are the first in southwest Florida to offer the new CoolAdvantage applicators. CoolSculpting treatment times are now even faster — just 35 minutes.

5. Prepare for pain, just in case.

Most people experience minimal pain or side effects following CoolSculpting treatments. However, it is best to plan for bruising, swelling, and cramping. Most of these side effects are short-lived, and your provider should review in detail with you what's possible. Dr. Hasen also notes that side effects vary depending on the area treated. The abdomen area is certainly the one area that has the most issues with numbness, tingling, and pain after the procedure. Other areas like the thighs, back, and love handles commonly have little to no side effects. Also, keep in mind that side effects can vary depending on whether the CoolSmooth or a suction applicator is used during treatment. Although some discomfort is possible, our patients agree that it is preferable to the discomfort following a liposuction treatment in Naples-Fort Myers.

6. Bring something to keep yourself busy.

In order to achieve a complete transformation, most people require 6 to 8 cycles of CoolSculpting treatments, so you may be in the office for a few hours total. Dr. Hasen does use CoolAdvantage™ applicators, which reduce treatments from 1 hour to 35 minutes. He also has 2 CoolSculpting machines to allow for DualSculpting™, treating 2 areas at the same time. His CoolSculpting treatment room is equipped with a television and magazines to help pass the time as well, but having books or work can help keep you entertained during the treatment.

7. Be patient.

The CoolSculpting procedure relies on your body to remove the fat cells. This process takes 2 to 3 months. Dr. Hasen advises his patients to not expect results until 2 months following the procedure, and to allow 3 months to achieve full results. At 2 months, only about 70% of final results are noticeable, so be patient and allow those fat cells to freeze away and be permanently removed from your body.

8. Remember that long-term results still depend on you.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will only improve your CoolSculpting results. The CoolSculpting procedure is ideal for patients who are within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal goal weight, and staying near this weight will allow for best results.

Defeat Stubborn Fat...The Cool Way

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Save Time & Money with DualSculpting™

DualSculpting allows us to treat 2 areas simultaneously, meaning your treatment is finished in half the time. And because our practice offers discounts for treating multiple areas, you can save money by choosing DualSculpting at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Naples. Read about other Treatment Tips